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  Temperature measurement on tool tip TAD
Temperature measurement on tool tip
The cutting force measurement is one aspect in cutting processes. Cutting temperature measurement is the other aspect, which influences cutting economy in terms of tool-wear and -life. Both aspects together are really necessary for profund studies in cutting technique.
With this convenient device it is possible to measure any lathe tool temperature touch-free and with very fast reaction time. It is based on an InGaAs-radiation sensor capable of measuring temperatures of a 1mm small spot utmost near to the tool tip.

Technical data:

Distance to tool tip: 90mm (3.6"); exact adjusting achieved by pilot lamp
Measuring range: 300-800°C (570 °F - 1472 °F)
Reaction time: negligible



  • Single device with tool holder, box, display and serial data output
  • Add-on device with fully integration in tooldynamometer turning by a plug terminal
Keywords: Temperature, Temperature on tool tip, Tool tip temperature, Temerature measurement, Turning, Component Dynamometer, Tool Dynamometer, cutting thrust meter, wear detection
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